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Xarkin physics-based software automatically generates 3D character motion and telemetry based upon physics models and motion libraries.

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Physically accurate pose data for your 3D characters.

Xarkin Animation for Blender (a4b) is a Blender add-on which connects with Xarkin Cloud Animation Services to generate pose data for rigged humanoid characters. The Blender add-on and the use of Xarkin Cloud Animation Services is provided free of charge.

Xarkin can re-target and extend your existing motion capture and keyframe assets.

For games and the metaverse; Xarkin can generate programmicatically controlled motion in real-time either through local software or software at the edge.

Physically accurate pose data for your 3D characters.

Quadruped 'Quad Toe' Model is Complete!

Xarkin Software has completed work on a Quad Toe motion model for generating 3D character motion for quadrupeds such as felines and canines. This video shows a motion sequence that was created through parameterized input and a Xarkin Motion Model.

The rigged and meshed character appearing in the video was purchased on Turbosquid. However, that just provides a pose. All of the motion was generated through Xarkin software with no mocap or keyframe work involved.

The physics underlying Xarkin software provides for re-targeting. The same motion sequence shown here could easily be applied to a house cat or a lion character. However, the actual pose data Xarkin would generate would differ based upon the segment and mass profiles of those characters. Xarkin software can be used to develop motion sequences such as the one shown here.

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Xarkin Animation for Blender - Free Access

Xarkin Software is providing free access to Xarkin Animation for Blender (a4b) to interested animators. This is provided for the Humanoid topology only.

Animators can map their existing characters to a Xarkin humanoid motion model in order to compose motion sequences by combining poses, gaits, turns, jumps and transitions.

Fill in the form below to enroll in the program. A Xarkin support representative will setup your free use of the service and will then reach out to contact you to get things started!

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