Xarkin Virtual Motion Capture

Xarkin Virtual Motion Capture Studio provides physically accurate motion from your existing motion capture and keyframe assets.

3D Character Animation Software

Retarget your existing mocap and keyframe assets

For animation professionals, the Xarkin Virtual Motion Capture Studio provides a wider range of motion and gait possibilities in less time. Xarkin extends the creative possibilities for existing motion capture and keyframe assets.

Start from scratch or use existing mocap or keyframe assets; Xarkin's patent-pending motion generation produces expressive, artistically rich motion sequences with the realism of motion capture.

Xarkin Virtual Motion Capture Studio

Express more - in less time - with higher quality!

It starts with a character...

Use an existing Xarkin character or start with your own mocap or keyframe character.
Xarkin motion models bring physically accurate motion to any articulated assembly/armature.

Customize the character...

Xarkin can estimate and derive mass information from a character's imported motion sequence or you can modify the mass and length information to meet specific animation requirements.

Modify the motion cycle and repertoire...

Xarkin Virtual Motion Capture Studio provides you complete control over a motion cycle.
Take an existing motion capture and change the length of the stride, the pace and so on...
Now make the shoulders droop and the hips sway; all with the same motion capture quality.

Motion Modules

Motion Modules provide reliable and realistic real-time pose generation for animation, gaming and virtual reality environments.
Programmatically controlled Motion Modules can be embedded in local software or accessed via cloud-based edge services.


Expand your creative possibilities!

Physics-Based Accuracy

Xarkin's Virtual Motion Capture Studio generates physically accurate motion.

Creative Possibilities

Retarget existing motion capture and keyframe assets while increasing the creative possibilities.

Cost Effective

Generated physics-based motion is accurate. Animators spend less time tweaking motion.