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Quadruped 'Quad Toe' Model is Complete!

Xarkin Software has completed work on a Quad Toe motion model for generating 3D character motion for quadrupeds such as felines and canines. This video shows a motion sequence that was created through parameterized input in Xarkin Studio.

The rigged and meshed character appearing in the video was purchased on Turbosquid. However, that just provides a pose. All of the motion was generated through Xarkin software with no mocap or keyframe work involved.

The physics underlying Xarkin software provides for re-targeting. The same motion sequence shown here could easily be applied to a house cat or a lion character. However, the actual pose data Xarkin would generate would differ based upon the segment and mass profiles of those characters. Xarkin software can be used to develop motion sequences such as the one shown here.

Xarkin Studio Overview

Creating a Sad Walk

Xarkin Studio generates physics-based 3D character animation through the use of parameterized motion models.

This video starts with a Mixamo™ character and shows how parameter modification can be used to meet a specific expressive goal.

The demonstration completes by retargeting the same motion to another dissimilar character without the need for any tweaking or modification.

Retargeting your character

Starting with a rigged meshed character in Blender, a 3D character is mapped to a Xarkin motion model in order to generate new customized 3D character motion.

Starting with a Mixamo™ character in a t-pose, we import the fbx for that character into Blender and then launch the Xarkin Virtual Motion Capture Studio.

We apply a Xarkin run cycle to the character; making a few custom adjustments along the way. The motion is saved and then applied to the character in Blender; creating motion in a few short minutes.

Xarkin Studio Introduction

Continuing with the retargeted 3D character from the previous video, Xarkin Studio is used to knit together various gaits into a motion sequence. This is then applied to our character in Blender.

We then show how easy it is to this motion sequence to another dissimilar character; letting Xarkin do the heavy lifting to provide physics-based accuracy without the need for any tweaking or keyframe work.

Xarkin Studio - Focus Elements

Animation professionals using Xarkin Studio can add custom motions to existing motion sequences through the use of Focus Elements. A Focus Element creates a customized motion using a selected subset of segments in the character's skeleton/armature.

Focus elements can be saved in a native format and retargeted to other characters. So, a motion such as raising an arm or a limping leg created for a 6 foot man could be applied to a 4 and a half foot child. The physics-based software underlying Xarkin will create physically accurate motion for both characters.

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