A Word from Mike Kelly

You and I don’t walk or run the same. However, if we were characters in a video game, it might look that way.

Hi, I’m Mike Kelly; the founder, CEO and CTO of Xarkin Software.

As a PhD graduate in Electrical Engineering from the University of Waterloo, I’ve spent my career developing innovative and practical solutions to tough engineering challenges.

Xarkin has been my passion for several years now and it feels great to now be able to talk about it.

Years ago, I marveled at the advances in legged robotics and character animation and imagined how much farther we could go. The papers and articles I read described the strategies used, but also emphasized the level of effort required to reach even the level I then observed.

With Xarkin, the challenge I presented to myself was this:

“Could we develop software that would generate physically accurate, artistically expressive character motion in real-time based upon programmatic input?”

After years of effort, Xarkin software does exactly that. Applying continuous physics to models of articulated assemblies driven by user input, Xarkin’s motion generation produces expressive, artistically rich motion sequences with the realism of motion capture.

Xarkin design tools are used to i) model articulated assemblies, ii) define motion properties, gross and subtle – including importing existing mocap and keyframe samples, and iii) define motion repertoires for the resulting characters. These elements are built into Motion Modules, which provide reliable and realistic real-time pose generation for animation, game and virtual reality environments.

Xarkin Motion Modules can be embedded in local software or accessed via cloud-based edge services.

For animation professionals, this means a wider range of physically accurate character motion in less time. These characters don’t necessarily need to be the typical bipedal humanoid forms but can be variations of these – or other characters entirely. Xarkin can start with existing motion capture or keyframe data and extend the range of motion and creative possibilities. Since Xarkin is physics based, if we apply a sample of a 6-foot character running to a 10-foot character, the motion will be different and will reflect how a 10-foot character would actually run. Xarkin technology expands the landscape for artistic expression in character animation, and greatly enhances the value of existing character motion assets.

If you have a particular animation challenge, we are up for it. I look forward to hearing from you.